The CORE Programme

Hello and welcome to the CORE Programme, a comprehensive online course of applied psychology which has been specifically designed to help you to develop resilience to the challenges of contemporary life, and in particular, help you to cope more effectively with mental health challenges.

CORE is based on 100% scientific evidence-based, clinically proven, applied psychological principles and is authored by the psychologist Paul Lee BSc. (Hons) MSc. who also runs a private clinical practice in the West Midlands in the UK.

The programme combines all of the most effective components of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as well as the Science of Behaviour Change that has emerged from the Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change (TTM).

Is CORE Effective?

Clinical research into the efficacy of online therapy, particularly systematic cognitive-based approaches such as CBT, suggests they can be highly effective.

Supporting this position is the research by John Norcross and Michael Lambert (2011) which demonstrates that a full 30% of the effectiveness of ANY change programme is produced by the client-in-therapy with the mode of therapy only contributing 8% of the outcome.

What this means is that it is the client themselves are who responsible for a higher proportion of the outcome of the therapy (30%) than the therapist (7%), the type of therapy (8%) and the client-counsellor relationship (12%) combined!

In other words, the specific type of therapy plays a much smaller role in bringing about change than the inventors of therapy systems like to claim!

How is This Different to Any Other Online Change Programme?

The CORE Programme is different because it is built around the proven scientific principles of behaviour change developed by the world’s foremost experts in this field.

In addition to the scientific principles of change, the CORE programme also draws on knowledge derived from Self-Determination Theory and Social Psychological Theory which recognises the importance of the social context in which people live their lives.

In this sense, the principal aim of the CORE programme is to help those wanting to make changes recognise that it is themselves who will ultimately facilitate that change and not something that happens to them due to some magical quality of the therapy process itself.

What’s Involved in the CORE Programme?

The CORE programme focuses attention on how individuals create their own unique and subjective meanings from their experiences based on an understanding of:

  • The three CORE beliefs that people use to make sense of their experiences.
  • The CORE values that are instilled in people by the social contxet in which they grow-up.
  • The CORE strengths common to human beings across all cultures.

Once an understanding of these CORE elements is fully appreciated, the programme then moves onto developing an understanding of how different people develop coping skills and strategies designed to manage adverse situations.

In many cases, these coping strategies (thinking styles, avoidance and compensatory behaviours) may not be as useful as they appear to be and in some instances, can perpetuate problems or even make matters worse!

Once you become aware of any maladaptive coping mechanisms you may be using you will also be in a better position to modify them.

It is through these behavioural changes that you will begin to experience different outcomes and consolidate the changes you want to make.

Finally, CORE helps you to normalise your new behaviours so that they become your default way of managing your environment.

The CORE Programme Online with Paul Lee BSc MSC.

Following the CORE Programme

This version of the CORE Programme is designed to be followed in conjunction with clinical support sessions with Paul or Joan at the Lee Psychology offices in the West Midlands, or alternatively with Paul using ZOOM video sessions remotely.

There are a number of purchasing options available depending on your needs:

Fully Supported:

  • 12 X 1 hour clinical sessions (Face-to-Face in-clinic or Zoom).
  • Access to the online training materials during the programme duration.
  • £960 pre-paid package.

Access Limited to Registered & Logged-in Users

Access to the rest of this course is strictly limited to registered users who have purchased the course.

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About the Course Author

Paul is an academic and practicing psychologist with both a BSc. (Hons) and a Master's MSc. (Distinction) degree in Applied Psychology.

He has been offering clinical psychology and counselling to private clients along with a small team of therapists from the Tranceform Psychology offices in Wombourne near Wolverhampton since 2009.

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